In the Digital Challenge, you will receive access to 80+ mock APIs, mobile SDKs (iOS and Android), and a car emulator to start building right away.

The APIs relate to car chassis, digital keys, points of interest, parking, and so much more. And, if combined with external APIs, the only limit should be your creativity.

About the APIs, SDKs, and 


Automotive developer or startup

Car2Car, Car2X, Car2Mobile - you know it all. Grab a keyboard and dominate the challenge. 

Who can take part?

iOS developer
Swift and Objective-C are your strong suit - time to show what you’ve got. 

Software developer

Front-End, Back-End or a Full-Stack keyboard virtuoso? Create prototypes that leverage the unique database content.

Android developer 

Java is your second language - this challenge can bring your prototype to the next level.

Developers and startups with diverse backgrounds from around the world are invited to participate in the competition.

1st place


2nd place

The runners-up will receive €6K and the chance to continue discussions with the Mercedes-Benz team to potentially continue development beyond the Digital Challenge.



The next 20 best solutions will each be awarded €100 Amazon gift vouchers for their efforts.

Additional smaller vouchers and prizes will be awarded to the developers who promote the challenge or reach milestones.

3rd place

Besides €15K, the winning team will be awarded two tickets to the 2017 Lisbon Web Summit to present their solution alongside Mercedes-Benz.


The second runners-up will receive €3K and the chance to continue discussions with the Mercedes-Benz team to potentially continue development beyond the Digital Challenge.

Winners announcement

Follow each step and propose a prototype that may change the automotive industry, while winning goodies along the way. 

Crash test

Deploy the SDKs, integrate APIs, and see your prototype in action on the emulator.  

Final submission

and get feedback from technical experts.

Apply to the Program HERE

on the community platform via an email invitation (from July 24th).

Steps of the Digital Challenge

Create your profile

Attend webinars 

on September 7th

Submit a screencast of the current state of your working prototype, along with feedback on the APIs or SDKs. 
WIN: The first 20

submissions will win a prize.

the name of your prototype and get access to the APIs/SDKs on


on September 28th

Submit a video (e.g. screencast) demonstrating your solution in action, provide a link to your prototype, a short description of API(s) & SDKs used and a general explanation of why your solution is a winner.

WIN: The best 20 submissions will win a €100 Amazon voucher

the Mercedes-Benz portal

Start-up and technical experts will work alongside Daimler executives to select the winners. With the evaluations starting on September 29th,

Winners will be announced on 

October 20th, during the awards ceremony in Stuttgart and on the platform.

Use of APIs/SDKs


How will the solution scale? (25 pts)

How clear is the solution? (15 pts)


Prototype Pitch 

How effective have these been implemented? (25 pts)

How realistic is this in the short/long term? (20pts)

Potential Value or Benefits

Ease of implementation 

How creative and intuitive is the prototype? (15 pts)


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